Go Lawn Bowl!
... at beautiful Lawrence Park

Lawn bowling is a game whereby men and women of all ages can compete together on an equal basis, both competitively and recreationally. Physical strength plays a small part in the game; skill and strategy are the real factors. 

 You can enjoy the sport as a social activity within your own club: many fun days and tournaments are planned throughout the bowling season. In addition, if you are interested you can tour the numerous clubs around the area for some good team competition. 

You are not obligated to come every day, as there are no set teams. A random draw is made according to how many people show up. Saturday is great fun -–we usually have a good turnout to play and enjoy special lunch treats on the patio between games. Check the Schedule.

New members are always welcome so if you do not know a member to introduce you, please call the membership contact at 416-250-8186. Our friendly coaches will teach you how to bowl and explain the rules. All you need to start are flat smooth-soled shoes (no heels) to protect the turf.

Whether you are looking for new friends, light exercise, social or competitive bowling, lawn bowling offers it all. Join us and give it a try.

Lawn Bowling is a Game for Life